joi, 12 iulie 2012

Silent riot

I can feel my emotions building a wall of hatred,resent and fear,blocking every soulful word I ever wanted to shout,cry or condone.To run away,to never look back-all that I want to do now and all I dread with the strings of my soul tortured by a heartbreaking tension.So torn between never leaving and the need to see the world,how do I make peace in the middle of a war?And shaking doesn't help.And crying comes as a primitive sign weakness.And I cannot unbind my sentiments because the world doesn't accept them.Is my future really mine?Or am I just a puppet at fortune's will?Stop the bricks,mother,stop the clay from turning me into a forgotten statue!And I'm not worthy.And I'm not ready.And you're not helping me one bit!You,the one who forces my soul to huddle,my eyes to fall in shame,my lips to quiver.Afraid,afraid,my God,terrified I am!Why does there always have to be a bloody battle for a place in the Universe?My heart can't handle this and I want to escape...I can feel my entire being slowly sinking into an abrupt resignation.

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