duminică, 15 iulie 2012

The old and the new

I could dream my life away
and never look back
with scarlet eyes...
the core of my being
stays the same
as blackened nights and glistening days
flow like waves upon gilded
but my layers tangle and blend
with this motion,
breeding new circles,masks,tastes.
to rest would be a sin and
to deny my stubborn kernel-
a waste of expensive nothingness.
just another pair of white thighs,
just another figure sketched
in the Universe's diary...
I belong with silver strings of hair,
misty stories,misguided pupils
of amethyst and emerald
I am old and I don't fit in!
lovely fairies,how oddly does your youth
shape mine with the aid
of full lips,tales of the future
and bewildering drinks!
I could go through life blindfolded
and never cry a tear
from these sapphirine mirrors...

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