joi, 19 iulie 2012

White chests

"Tell me life is beautiful..."

Well,I do have to admit that the sunrise doesn't bother me as much as before.My coffee's always fresh and those wrinkled sheets have a hint of dreams in their scent.Though I feel rather guilty for not having a care in the world (momentarily),it's all very liberating and wholesome!Not to mention intimidating...Even so,who can do anything nowadays with heat's veils invading every nook and cranny?I'm melting in my clothes,I'm melting in my mind...But there isn't a thing that cannot be mended with the aid of a cool drink and some minty flavored smoke.And did I mention a pair of philosophically charged queens? My God,are these summer memories to keep for a lifetime in a white chest's cocoon!Maybe I'm dizzy,maybe I'm actually happy,but I'm just loving the present,my overflowing empathy,the fact that I don't consider myself alone (even in the darkest of moments).And the sunset looks like magic in the making right now...

"...they all think I have it all."

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