joi, 5 iulie 2012


to sleep or to dream?
to eat or to drink?
to love or to loathe?
to help or to watch?
to study or to pray?
to try or to fail?
to care or to damn?
to give away or to give in?
to walk or to lay?
to brew or to freeze?
to laugh or to cry?
to fly or to crawl?
to hope or to quit?
to suffer or to soar?
to carry or to drop?
to see or to ignore?
to feast or to starve?
to walk or to run?
to smile or to frown?
to breathe in or to breathe out?
to admire or to deceive?
to cleanse or to sin?
to shine or to blacken?
to be or not to be?
to live or to die?

I'm feeling particularly reluctant today.

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