luni, 9 iulie 2012

Change has come

How to celebrate an achievement...crazy cupcake style:
  • bathe in sweet dreams and drink tons of coffee
  • declare your boundless love for everyone and everything
  • pat yourself on the back
  • face the scorching heat with a full-blown smile painted across your face
  • grab one of your best friends by the hand,invade a post office and then go get the haircut you always wanted (but never actually knew you wanted)
  • admire and get acquainted with your new and SHORT locks
  • ignore the tedious sun (and your melting soles),walk around town,clear your head
  • eat with gratitude,drink passionately and savor a good ol' fashioned cup of coffee (yes,again)
  • visit a beloved one that has stood for too long in time's shadow
  • talk about the future and believe in yourself wholeheartedly
  • pump music through your veins and let beauty shine in your eyes 
  • kiss the cats goodnight and have a laugh with a silly duckling
  • say a prayer and welcome the silent night
Change has come.

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