marți, 17 iulie 2012

Divorcing the past

these papers set me free
and I can taste the blood
on my teeth;
I'm never going to see
your sleepy faces and steaming coffees again,
the desperation bouncing off
the echoes of your names,
how you could lift me up or tear me down
with a smile or a kiss...
time can't go backwards,
but there's no need for it to do so-
folded and sketched,you become
perfect and reliable memories
of a racing past.
my name bound to an ugly chair
and my lips inked upon
countless drafts of reality-
what a legacy!
what a stupid game!
I release myself from every thought
that has ever made a number
taller than a soul
and today the stepping stone of tomorrow!
these papers set me free
and I'd love to see them burn

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