marți, 31 iulie 2012

Just don't!

Don't get your ear pierced because you won't be able to sleep on that side and you will curse your decision between shrieks of pain.
Don't drink amazing coffee because you will feel "inexplicably" happy for about...two hours.
Don't play with fluffy cats because you will be reduced to a small child with an annoyingly high-pitched voice.
Don't have funny conversations with your sibling because you will feel your heart expanding at a dangerous rate.
Don't listen to beautifully crafted music because you will weep and your tears will end up being soaked lyrics.
Don't make plans because the weather will most definitely have Thor-ish moods and ruin them all.
Don't take a nap in the late afternoon because you will end up feeling exactly like Steve Rogers.
Don't drink hot cocoa because you will declare your undying love for everything.
Don't make good friends because they will transform you into a way better person.
Don't do anything and you will end up feeling nothing.

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