miercuri, 18 iulie 2012

Vivid fantasy

How can words be so enticing?
Little scratches upon luminous surfaces,overflowing with passion and scarlet desires.
Signs of black descent that raise the pillars of worlds beyond imagination.
Paper flesh and electric movements which crash on the plains of eager minds.
Your skin quivers and your breathing slowly descends into oblivion.
How can mere symbols induce such vivid images in one man's limited skull?
You're not you anymore-you become a voyeuristic passenger on a train that never ends,never stops,never releases.
Pages flow like untamed rivers into your soul,grinding and hurting the rocky edges of your being.
Bloodshot eyes,erratic thoughts,ahistorical moments of life.
I never really understood the power of language-until now.
How can words mold a fantasy into a consuming nightmare?

2 comentarii:

Ada spunea...

oh i love this, makes me quiver <3 especially since i know what it's about :))

Adriana spunea...

:* shhh...