marți, 10 iulie 2012


How do you just know what to do with your life?And the difference between what you love and what you loathe?The things you could do and the ones that will always remain out of reach?How do you just decide your faith and go forth with everything wholeheartedly?How do you convince yourself that you can be brilliant in any given situation?That your only limits are the ones you impose on yourself?How do you experience everything there is to be lived in just one existence?How do you carry on with death as a final reward?How do you escape sorrow and embrace serenity?Flee from this world and create your unique kingdom?How do you ignore those people who only want to drag you down?The ones that,in spite of all,you still adore?How do you act normal when your mind is a bedlam?A misunderstood little corner of the Universe?How do you just cope with the days,the months,the years and put on a brave face?How do you keep your cool in times of infernal trials like this?How...How?!

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