joi, 22 noiembrie 2012

Chocolate dreams

Startling noises.Light steps.Horrible coffee.Warm and thick air.Solitary lips.Subway balancing act.Sickening food.Cryptic faces.Unwilling to cooperate for personal good.Exhausted eyes.Peachy trousers.Vapid imagination.Familiar strangers.Masks upon masks upon masks.Tedious time.White pages.Blue pen.Dull history.Lack of identity.Intimidating figures.Silly hopes.Long braids.Chipped nail polish.Chocolate stains.Undone expectations.Magical stories.Cold hands.Old smoke.Train tickets.Empty streets.Scarce food.Redeeming tattoo.Unspoken thoughts.Freezing shoulders.Gaps upon gaps upon gaps.Stubborn muscles.Glorifying dreams.Steaming water.Red tranquilizer.Peculiar state.Funny hands.Soft pillows.My,oh my...This has been a most unholy day.

I'm trying.I really am.It's just...Not okay.No comfort in small things,no majestic desires,no nothing.Only brief moments of old serenity and oblivion.I understand you're getting tired of hearing me bitch and whine,but this is the truth.And,though others might be fooled by crafted smiles,this is the place where they feel most fake.So bear with me.Or walk away.It doesn't matter.Wow,today actually sucked!As does the majority of my week nowadays.

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I hate fake, crafted smiles too!