vineri, 30 noiembrie 2012

Crimson shadow

I'm not myself today.So I'd rather be somebody else.

A crimson shadow-that was all the night could reveal to those inexistent eyes.The pool was silent,noises and smiles having moved inside for quite a while,into other corners,chairs,beds.What a view from that rooftop!A perfect balance between suicidal allure and modern architectural euphoria.He was loaded,that's for sure!Old and loaded,exactly how she liked them-her friend,that is.

A moment of unnatural sensations.A movement on the chair.The sound of a half-full wine bottle being gently returned to the ground.

Why did she even agree to come here?Parties were obviously not her thing,especially snobbish ones.But she took one for the team,dressed up and harbored the biggest fake smile she could conjure.

"I'll have a few drinks,meet some people and take a cab back home before it's even tomorrow" she figured.

"If only to make her shut up and stop bugging me about how I never go out and all that!We're not made from the same clay,her and I..."

Something happened,though.Between social sways and blurred names,something inside of her being snapped.The dam fell and a flood of thoughts began to rush in.

After the alcohol kicked in and they all got a little tipsy,Marina refrained from joining that sensual joy.She knew better than giving in to champagne's calling or whiskey's lustful touch. 

"I'm not going to hook up with some ancient scarecrow only because I'm horny and they're available!" Marina thought,drowning down some more wine.

Well,"ancient" was a rather harsh word.They were not as old as she would have liked them to be in order to avoid temptations,but the majority of male representatives could have easily portrayed a convincing father-figure.

In fact,one of them had caught her eye earlier before,although she wouldn't admit it to herself: tall,brooding,with short hair and marine eyes.Think James Bond meets Greek god.Of course,Andrew was as rich as they come,as were most of those present.

That "tiny" detail sparkled the interest of many female guests,long legs now trembling and blood-swollen lips moaning the sweetest of lies behind not so thick walls.How the perspective of wealth changes all!

"I agreed to chaperon,not to fuck the first Santa Claus I come across!I'm not that desperate..."

She really didn't judge them-to each his own.She just couldn't bring herself to such a personal defeat,let's say,needs and all.

There were also her unsettled thoughts:how many things can one mind conceive?

Marina felt overwhelmed,panicked and a tad drunk.The tender and fleshy liquid,instead of breeding a fantasy world,only made it worse: everything was clear as broad daylight,vivid,close,scary.Death mixed with life in an unholy union,their children burlesque and dark.The bottle was almost empty now.

"Oh,moon,you are so pretty!How I wish I could kiss you right now!Hold you,feel you,walk barefoot on your luminous craters...Jesus,I'm losing it.No more wine for you,Marina!"

She looked at the bottle,then at the full moon.A shrug followed.

"What the Hell!To you,my lifeless friend!May your holes stay forever large and welcoming!"

The young girl gulped the last remaining liquid bliss,but,having realized what she had said out loud,ended up spitting the drink all over her dress.

"Marina,are you OK?"

"I'm fine,Andrew." Marina managed to utter between laughs.

"You sure?"

Andrew was standing in the threshold,with his white shirt unbuttoned and black suit coat on one shoulder.Dear God,that sly smile!Marina suddenly felt weary,but continued to laugh.

"I'm barefoot...on the moon!" she brightly proclaimed ,bitting her lower lip and begging him with her eyes to come,hold her tight,save her.

A pair of thin arms engulfed Andrew,while the scarlet nails at the end of them tantalizingly grazed his bare chest.

"Come along,darling!"-demanded the arousing voice-"Don't keep me waiting!She's always like this..."

Andrew gave Marina one last look,then disappeared behind the curtains.

The pool was blue and quiet,letting the city's nighttime hustle and bustle take its course.Empty glasses framed that watery structure,while a summery wind completed the scenery.

After a moment's pause,Marina burst once again into laughter.She was clapping,moving her head from side to side,downright cackling,one might say.

Tears started rolling down her cheeks,at first shy and flowing,then thicker,blacker,painful.Laughter had turned into weeping in a mere few seconds,her chest bursting out of its crimson seams from smothered howls.

Her thoughts had melted into palpable emotions,raw and releasing.She was both happy and sad,saved and doomed,Heaven and Hell.

But she would figure herself in words the next morning.Marina now needed to cry and let go.Just let go..

Serenity came as cold as a much needed shower.Mascara-stained and puffy,Marina stood arms crossed,feet apart and smiling on the chair.

She was free: from herself,from the world,from her demons.

Leaving the pair of dark pumps next to the empty wine bottle,she drew near the pool side.Her entire body contracted as she released a loud "I'm barefoot on the moon!", which echoed into the city's very steel heart.

One last wicked smile painted her face.Arms up,head straight,dress obeying the wind's touch-a perfect dive,nonetheless.No sound followed.

Dawn's early fingertips were painting the horizon in orange and teal.A new day had begun.

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