luni, 19 noiembrie 2012

Lazy limbs

chapped lips.sweet perfume.hungry eyes.
I'm suddenly a wild creature in the midst
of my own savage desire-
to conquer all,to feed this lusty flesh,
to tame personal beasts with fresh blood.
a bold mouth will get you far; a hungry one
will even make the journey fun.
why am I so keen on believing I'm
the one?
I wouldn't choose myself-flaws or not.
or all.or everything that has to do
with this ivory shell and twisted mind.
yet I cling to ghosts I nurse myself,
monsters fed with love and care,
only to fall from the top of a mountain
built from their corpses and poisonous charms...
silence conquers even words,
don't you agree?well,small things
like this show me my shadow of a being
in all its fleeting glory-
here today,ashes by morning...
my hands are feet are dry.
this heart won't budge,but so won't
yours-fine!see if I care?because I do
and it's elegantly tearing me apart inside;
tired eyes.purple fingers.livid prayers.
I'm done wishing Prince Charming
would be near...

2 comentarii:

Tibi spunea...

Silence does conquer even words, indeed. Things will go your way, honey. Just wait and see :)

Adriana spunea...

I hope so.