sâmbătă, 10 noiembrie 2012

Conquering Paradise

I thought I knew my bed,but this is a whole new level of rest and comfort!
Coffee and cats-what could one ask for more?
My father will always be "daddy" because he lets me be a little girl even now,when I have to "become" a grown woman.
Linden tea is like a typical Romanian thing for colds,right?Right?Right.
This is the second funeral I've witnessed this week-I swear to God...
Helping my brother do his homework has become a thing I look forward to these days-I know,creepy.
Let's play a little game I like to call "how much food can I fit in my tummy in one night"!
Watching cartoons and eating sweets-yup,life's pretty awesome sometimes!
Who would've thought that my dear sibling enjoys watching movies as much as I do!Yes,folks,"Troy" can really help people bond!
Sweet baby Jesus,I am so tired!I should be working,but...Neah!Those sheets look too inviting.

2 comentarii:

Tibi spunea...

Do enjoy your time, please :))

Adriana spunea...

Will do! :))