duminică, 25 noiembrie 2012

Sweet celebrations

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love a good birthday!Especially when it's not even my own that's being celebrated.The people!The gifts!The food!
Today was my mother's birthday and it couldn't have been more awesome!She loved the gifts we so carefully picked out or made (see my brother's artistic card),we laughed,we ate,we drank good wine and (oh my God,it feels so damn good to say) I stayed home for the entire Sunday.Yes,tomorrow is going to be basically Hell,but who cares?Satan can have the rest of the year if I get to enjoy a few amazing,full days with the ones I so dearly love.It may not seem like much,but this domestic bliss is what keeps me going and what brings me my version of "real happiness".
I'm beyond grateful for my family and moments like this remind me of how fragile and hurried life is.Sometimes I just want to say "No more.",close my house in a time capsule and live forever in an imperfect bliss.But I can't do that (unfortunately).So I settle for lazy mornings,steaming plates,black cups,warm smiles and many other childish miracles.
Me and my brother have a thing now where we bond over movies.So "The Dark Knight" was the perfect excuse for a night of outlandish theories,bad jokes and homemade sweets.And I love how grandma lightens up when she sees the two of us getting along with each other.Why can't all my hours mimic these ones right here?
And did I mention I spent most of last night drooling over the cats&plot&co. of "Skyfall" and eating carrots?I think this is the first movie I saw that was not on TV since I started going to university.Which is a sad and peculiar record."Best time of your life"-yes,sure.And pink pigs fly over my house every single morning.
I don't want to go!Don't make me!Son of a...This is what I get for not listening to my mother.I just had to go to the gilded gates of Nowhere,didn't I?"If only I knew then what I know now" works so perfectly here it's frightening.
But enough with the sorrow."More cake,less whining"-new motto right here!Happy birthday,mother dearest!It was a day to remember.

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Tibi spunea...

Happy birthday to your mother and may you enjoy as many days like that one!

Adriana spunea...

Thank you very much!

Tibi spunea...

You're most welcome!