miercuri, 7 noiembrie 2012

Emerald chest

no,the bed's not crackling,it's just my body
decomposing under the weight of its own sorrow,
cursing and crumbling like a red and white empire...
...and I kiss my knees,let the tears run free
towards the ground-the ground,the ground,
it's always about dirt and that hallow crown...
everything's damned,can you believe that?
from my emerald chest to the faces of so many
hastened strangers- isn't silence enough
of a damaging drug,should I endure
a mask and a kind dagger as well?
so be it-let those eyes engulf me
and the streets enclose me in their gray waves-
I can fight no more.
I refuse to let you hurt me with my own
permission-I'm letting go...
no,the earth's not moving,it's just my soul
imploding under the curse of its own misery...

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