miercuri, 14 noiembrie 2012

Confusing perceptions

Luminous nightmares,damp sheets and swollen lips-some nights are just too much for me.
I felt like a princess this morning,only to become a witch by nightfall-does this mean my confidence depends on the sun's moods?If so,then my self-esteem is doomed...
Wednesday mental breakdowns are becoming a thing now and they're not very pleasant.
Emptiness is hard to describe,yet truly present and damaging and please don't let me sabotage myself!Not now!Just don't...
Telling a pair of lips to utter words and wishing they'd obey-my life in one sentence.
Black streets,cold hands and steaming breaths-WINTER.IS.COMING.
This food is poisonous.This skin is itchy.This bed is evil.Is it all in my head?
Come,tomorrow!Come again!Take me home...and leave me there!

3 comentarii:

Tibi spunea...

Life is never easy, but if in the end you get home, then the journey was worth it :)

Adriana spunea...

You speak the truth,my friend!

Tibi spunea...

Thank you :D