vineri, 16 noiembrie 2012

Son of a beech!

Friday morning just won't budge.The hours pass by like undisturbed sloths,only to make me even more nervous and anxious and bleah! 2:20 p.m. train,thou art a bitch to catch!Though I do love me a bit of exercise and adrenaline,I can't help but notice there's a,let's say,between those careless (and generally frustrating) early minutes and their afternoon-ish brothers.Still,nothing can stand in the way of me going home!So,be it rain or haze or infuriating lack of time proportions,I will soldier on through this!For honor and family and...cats!

If you think about it,kisses are really weird.I mean,you literally connect with another person,not only on a physical level,but also on a oh-my-God-what's-happening-this-is-so-whoa! one.It's so damn cool,yet so disgusting (in concept) that it becomes something "beautifully depressing".To my mind,a boy's mouth tastes like cola and cigarettes,wild wolves and raw skin.On the other hand,a girl's lips give the impression of white lace,steaming blood and fiery could one choose?Not me,I tell you,not me...Life's truly peculiar,man.I wish I could be somebody's first kiss.

Not to brag or anything,but Friday night is basically awesome.My family treats me like a princess (well,sorta),I get to rejoice in the midst of a comforting background and I feel whole again.You have no idea how much I miss so many small things,from my old cup of tea to chores I used to hate doing.Still,I'm grateful for these few moments of "normality" and I look forward to them every week.Did I mention the food and coffee and pampering?I may be a little brat,but at least I'm a happy one.

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