sâmbătă, 1 iunie 2013

Lonely child

I used to crave loneliness with a dull ache,but now I find myself consumed by it.
I don't like an empty house,even when my cats are there to comfort me.I don't like watching silly movies just so that I can have a background noise for a dummy.I don't like feeling like I do now because it makes me dependent on other's will.
The echo is too loud,the space is just too big,the endlessness turns into void.I can't do anything,while still wanting to do everything.
Yet...It's easier this way.To care,to live,to breathe.Imagination kicks in and projections start flowing.
Like I said some time before,some people are easier to love when they're away...Well,most of them are.Distance is a sort of skeleton you can mold with skin and flesh and feelings as you wish-reality is a whole other story.
I plan on spoiling myself with coffee and "Brave" tonight-you know,be a child of some sorts again.
Still,today was a lonely day for all the wrong reasons...

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