duminică, 17 iunie 2012

Broken arm

So my little brother broke his arm today.Nothing out of the ordinary,just plain-old football side effects.What surprised me the most out of this whole situation was my uber calm approach.No semi-heart attack,no tears,no wandering about like a giant squid of anger.Obviously,he behaved like a champ,bless his soul!But I wasn't even in shock or anything-for example,I was thinking about what model to draw on his cast and whatnot!What...the...actual...fuck?!
Anyway,I am beginning to think that I've lost it completely.All this (pretend) studying and summer heat must have gotten hold of my brain.They can keep it!It's not like I have my "maturity exam" in a couple of weeks...(also,if one more person calls this thing an event of utmost importance,I swear to God,I'll punch him/her in the...maturity!)
To top it all off,I was thankful for my being safe and sound because,let's face it,a temporary infirmity is just what I need right now!And the more I write,the more I understand that the only person who deserves a good smack in the senses is ME!
Who in their right mind would think in such an egotistical manner when faced with a not too pleasing event?My own persona...apparently!
I love my brother to the sky and back,I really do!These last few years have been a wake up call of massive proportions for me in which concerns family matters and the true importance of affection and care.More so,I understand now,while I'm standing on the brink of change,the actual value of time and its effects on the bonds that start with blood and end with the formation of an enclosed Universe.Needless to say,I'd jump in front of a train for my beloved ones!
In conclusion,I need a blanket.Because that's what people need when they're in posttraumatic denial. Because that's what I hope is happening to me.Because,otherwise,I find myself in need of a serious psychological analysis and some major soul-searching.And,though I'm not particularly looking forward to it,there's a whole month of double,if not triple,hard work ahead of me.This is life and it's unpredictable.
Live long and prosper!

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