sâmbătă, 9 iunie 2012

To conquer a heart

"Everything is more beautiful because we're doomed."

The way in which a dress unravels a body.The faint scent of tobacco and cologne.How a pair of eyes can encompass an entire Universe between two shades of green.Heels tormenting the blistering pavement.A tie revealing the slender lines of the neck.White hands that handle flowers and laundry with the same tenderness.The way in which summer's light flows down a smooth jawline.The timid song that graces rosy lips in the afternoon.Palms with rugged skin to carry a bouquet of water lilies.Rain drawing free lines upon laughing shoulders.Shadows sliding between cheekbones.That peachy hint coming from behind an ornate earlobe.Conflicted eyebrows.Dancing feet in the moonlight.Careless fingers upon navy blue trench coats.Vines of black falling down on troubled temples.The melancholic tempo of a sinuous chest.The salty taste of a tense collarbone.How the spring winds play with braided mahogany.Snow dangling from thick and eager eyelashes.A hasted pace.A voice deeper than the sea.A soul exposed through sight,sound,smell,taste and touch.

To conquer a heart requires to first conquer the senses.

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