marți, 5 iunie 2012

Tragedy unfolds's the same sensation one gets after a punch in the stomach: a body dominated by nausea and pain,with a soul equally damaged as companion.Reality suddenly becomes a dream of demonic proportions and every movement is covered in a grayish haze.Why can't the clock go back just one second and erase it all?
It's not your burden,it's not your fate.Even so,you can't help but feel your whole entity being stabbed with tiny needles of fire-why do bad things happen to good people?Why here?Why now?Why?
I find myself cursing God with the same passion that fills my prayers.Maybe it has to do with the crippling effect of impotence when faced with life's challenges.Maybe I just can't understand why everything has to be so random and hurtful sometimes.Or maybe I'm just a biased hypocrite.All I know for sure is that fairness doesn't quite fit into the description of existence.
...and you try to close your eyes,your mind,your senses.You try to somehow numb yourself into oblivion.You try to pretend it never happened...and how wrong of you to act in such a sadistic way!Every new moment of ignorance brings one of recollection,one that makes this tragedy even brighter,even newer.Why do devilish acts always want to be noticed?
My empathy is definitely my curse and salvation.I am hollow and overflown with truth at the same time.But none of this matters now because a road has found its dead end.And I want to bang my head against a wall and scream and kneel and kiss the earth and whisper with swallowed fury to the ground:
"Why can't we all be happy for once?"

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