luni, 18 iunie 2012

Modern issues

How do I recover one year of laziness in one month?
Who would be willing to love me for exactly the person I am today?
When will I overcome my fear of everything?
Why do I even bother with so many things of little importance?
What am I doing with my life?
How does one manage to stay sane in the long run?
Who do I trust with my secrets and affection?
When will all this hard work pay off?
Why can't a day last longer sometimes?
What will I do with all this silence?
How do I part from my family?
Who would I be now without my brother?
When will the world be happy once again?
Why does it have to be so damn hot?
What would happen if time stood still?

Come to think of it,these aren't modern issues.They're just questions longing for a soul mate answer.

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