marți, 19 iunie 2012

Emotionally draining skills

nerves pierce my skin
with their electrical branches
as my mind goes through a loop
of infinite circumstances;
everything is laced with overpowering
adrenaline and fright,
the senses become ecstatic!
the day is bright,voices are overlapping,
I'm in a corner with my sweaty palms
and a dramatic
to feel such a rush over nothing
is both overwhelming and bizarre-
the tentacles which dwell
in my body's shell
are tingling with a newly found
when the ride is over
and all has been said and done,
reality interferes-
led sinks through my thighs
and into my feet
like a ship falling into the abyss;
I am hollowed and numb,
but I have momentarily conquered
life's throne...

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