vineri, 8 iunie 2012

The right thing to do

Wake up early so you don't miss out on your life.
Brew a good cup of coffee.
Take a deep breath and let go of yesterday.
Treat time as you would a child: with care,love and appreciation.
Take responsibility for your actions and your mistakes.
Love without compromises.
Spend time with people that make you smile.
Help the ones you can with every given occasion.
Read a good book.
Enjoy all the small things that still make life worth living.
Don't judge what you cannot understand.
Tell someone who inspires you how truly amazing they are.
Be honest,be sympathetic,be yourself.
Apologize while you can for your wrongs.
Don't give advices you wouldn't follow yourself.
Accept that you have to do things you probably don't like in order to savor the ones you do.
Turn your personal growth into a permanent goal.
Cherish your family.
Make your story worth telling.