vineri, 15 iunie 2012

Wandering about

there is so much to see!
from the infinity of a soulless leaf
to the ceaseless torment
of an old city-
the life which I am surrounded by
becomes overwhelmingly delightful
with each new glance!
the chance to grow and thrive
follows the path
of every absent-minded stranger,
of every friend discovered
under the zealous sun,
of every shadow left behind
by your old shoes...
I greet my beloved ones
with open arms
under the moving cape of a formidable
the heat flows through our bodies
like sizzling charcoal,
but our lips stay cool
as our embodied thoughts soar...
the crowd!the chatter!the urban muse!
I become mystically confused
by this boisterous Cosmos
that hides behind every corner...

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