luni, 25 iunie 2012

Orchid buds

I grow as does the orchid bud,
my shell a green too raw
and my soul glistening
with pieces of the broken
A light beyond my skin's desire
would crush all hope of blooming
in the summer;
the darkness of an empty room
could send my roots into a withering
A shield of glass and tender eyes
is all I need to fight
a world of extreme contradictions-
but where do I begin?
There never seems to be enough affection
in this world,
let alone sapphires of protection!
So I let my leaves fall heavy,
burdened with a yellowish fever
of rejection,
and my stem to slowly descend
into a fate of perpetual
I die as does the orchid bud,
too little in the hands
of this gargantuan jungle...

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