miercuri, 13 iunie 2012

Sweat and study

It's hard to wake up early in the morning,so abruptly that even your sweetest dreams don't have time to blossom.
It's easy to water a flower or help a beloved one and receive a gift more precious than any amount of gold.
It's sad how some stories are never told,how some feet never find the right path,how some people never get noticed.
It's funny how my tears and laughs form a concoction of strings only my soul knows how to untangle as each day passes by.
It's troubling to see how many of our actions are fear and hatred driven.
It's amazing how a book can put things into perspective and light up a world of its own.
It's confusing to have to live more than one life in an existence.
It's enlightening to understand the way in which the world works,especially when you're trying to figure out your own unique mechanisms.
It's sunny,it's sweaty,it's study time...all the time!

2 comentarii:

Lucia spunea...

Foarte fain!!!!
E chiar geniala:)

Adriana spunea...

Multumesc! >:D<