miercuri, 6 iunie 2012

Water from above

Let it pour!Let it pour!Let it pour!
May this water form above
cleanse and heal and feed
our souls with the salvation we never received
from our barren prayers.
A drought can curse both a field and a man,
burning seeds of light and wisdom
right into the ground.
A storm may as well flood a house
as it can raise a man from perdition.
But a curtain of baptizing tears
has the power to reveal,rather than conceal-
does the ground not carry a fresher perfume after?
Does the sky not glisten with a new layer?
Does a body not grace the mind with hope
when faced with such primordial delights?
I beg of these liquid stars to show
the world a different image of happiness,
one where innocence and bliss do not damage
the kiss of crimson passion!
The window is now a mirror and its reflection says:
"Let it rain!Let it rain!Let it rain!"

"Every time you see them happy,you remember how sad they're going to be.And it breaks your heart.Because what's the point of being happy now if they're going to be sad later?The answer is,of course,because they are going to be sad later."
(Doctor Who)

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