joi, 25 octombrie 2012

12 hours

Troubled sleep.Hurried coffee and tasteless bread.Cold tiles,cold air,cold heart.Annoying noise and disturbing motion.Distracted eyes and wrong stairs.Refuge in a book.Disrespect and an inferiority complex.Silent nerves.All the world's thoughts during the course of a few numb hours.Cement eyelids.The desire to know,the lack of will power to survive this academical and temporal test.Bad feelings.Fake smiles.Unwanted friends.Crippled insides.Stupid.Sealed lips.Damned feet.Creeping darkness.Subway meetings.Three for two.Unrequited niceness.Lost time and irretrievable energy.Freezing soles and wild water.Blank mind.Mechanical arms.Wonky position.Weary eyes that won't cooperate.The urge to never give up.Almost unconscious success.The appeal of familiar surroundings.Goodnight,12 hours worth of Hell!I'll never miss this broken shell...

"So crawl on my belly 'till the sun goes down
I'll never wear your broken crown!"

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