joi, 4 octombrie 2012

First in line

I will forever loathe my frightened stomach,puffy lips
and the thought of failure.
I will forever love the morning breeze,the smell of coffee
and my sudden acts of courage.
I will forever strive to accomplish something,never give up
and love wholeheartedly.
I will forever hate myself for not trying,caring too little
and thinking life isn't worth it.
I will forever admire an open heart,a sincere smile
and a mind with a limitless drive.
I will forever cherish time,fleeting memories
and the serene surrender of a spirit.
I will forever embrace my flaws,my tears
and my meaningful black scar.
I will forever acknowledge change,human misery
and the fact that I'm weaker than I seem.
I will forever cry,breathe,dream,imagine
and sing through something above everything.
I will forever be me.

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