marți, 16 octombrie 2012

Silver dot

Game over!I took off my lip piercing.Yes,the one for which I have fought with man,school and principles,prejudice and stigma.
It may look like defeat,but it's actually not.It''s like closing the last chapter of a brilliant book: you had your time together,but things must carry on.
Though I do love taking situations to the most melodramatic level possible,one could say that I got very attached to my lovely silver dot over the years.In a way,it made me feel special,worthwhile,unique in my own weirdness.As you may know by now,confidence isn't my strong point,so this (apparently) pointless piece of carved metal acted as a pretty damn fine fuel to power an almost extinguished flame.
Is it extremely depressing and fascinating that no one has noticed anything yet?I mean,on the one hand,it's not like I've been on a socializing spree during the last few hours-but not even my roommate?We spend 99% of our time together,for Pete's sake!On the other hand,maybe it's because people have gotten used to it,to my "uniqueness",so that it doesn't matter if I still have my piercing or not.I don't know how to react to this:am I happy?Sad?Relieved?Regretful?Confused?!
Naturally,someone will eventually look at my face and the light-bulb shall illuminate.I know for sure that my family and few closest friends fit into this category,so I'm bitchin' about nothing.
It feels so empty,though!My tongue is constantly searching for a known cold space and my teeth are clutching to peculiar!I'll get used to it.Society gets used to things.Or does it?
I guess I'm growing up.Or just growing old.Or both.Frankly,it all looks as if I'm growing tired,weak and numb.Is nostalgia a side effect of loss?Probably...
I'm going to truly miss my silver dot.

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