miercuri, 24 octombrie 2012


When something's wrong,you try to fill up that void: food,drugs,music,art,you name it.A hungry black hole between your lungs demands sustenance,be it graceful...or not.You can't weep,you won't beg for love,you'd never tell it out loud-what then?Silence.Ache.Shameful eyes that won't look in any mirror.Distracted mind.You cling on to every single word of compassion,only to crumble like a rusty empire when rejection naturally comes your way.Who ever made us so damn dependent of each other?I swear,a crowd has never felt more lonesome!Same motion,same heartache...I'm starving!Love,real emotions,salty tears,innocent smiles,give me something!My hands are shaking and the view from this black chair isn't all that comforting: are my wishes too out of this world?I hope so.Then I could escape with them,far away,maybe...Maybe even home.

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