miercuri, 10 octombrie 2012

Worn out soles

I never thought I'd walk down so many roads.In so many pairs of shoes.Alongside so many gentle faces and soft hands.The world can be so terrifyingly big,yet so unmistakably small!You find yourself bumping into familiar images at every corner,not knowing whether to believe in chance or kiss the lips of luck with doubtful lust-what are the odds,anyway?The sun is up,the wind seems like a brush on the cheeks and people are more beautiful than ever.I could fall in love a thousand times a day and never look back with regret!What are a pair of worn out soles and a troubled heart when compared to all these unseen miracles?Almost nothing.Almost...Ah,my dearest friend,how life is complicated and amazing and consuming and damaging and all shades of gorgeous...everything !The flowers on my blouse,the raspberry on your tongue,the books in that library,the minty smoke of the subway,the seemingly never-ending streets,the unknown thoughts of all those mysterious strangers we pass,the echo of our past,the infinity of tomorrow and so many more!I'm drunk!I'm drunk from all this freedom I'm afraid to use!Behold: a bird too scared to leave the cage which it loathes...The gilded cage of my own soul,my own flaws,my own limits...Oh,but I'm tired!Too much personal history for one day,too much to filter and deposit into memory's overflowing drawer...I guess I'm happy.I'm not sad.Or am I?I need sleep.And love.And coffee.And cats.And chocolate.And to be reborn.Dear God...

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