marți, 9 octombrie 2012

Tempting trail

I could just give up,you know.Not on the outside,but from within.Become a perfect puppet.I wouldn't care if my dress got dirty from staying on the floor too much,I wouldn't notice my stomach twisting like a wounded animal.Day would match night in a personalized apocalypse.
Who gives a damn,anyway?We're all greedy little monsters,fighting,pushing,clawing our way to the top for a prize called "death".I don't have the energy and strength and passion to even care anymore.Too many eyes,too many mischievous mouths.Take my shoes and stomp my pride.You can't touch me anymore.I am my own worst enemy.
This is an illusion and a flawed one indeed.Why won't my tongue let words come out at the right time?Why do I feel so dispensable?Why,my Lord,just why?!
I could just give up,you know.But I can't.I won't.I'm marching on,I'm marching on.... 

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