marți, 23 octombrie 2012

Blue ignorance

My bed's a mess.So is my face.Bitter coffee.Hasty hands.Twisting key.Marilyn's on the floor,all metal and broken pieces.A cold claw reaching towards my soles,my spine,my raggedy bones.Bare neck and fallen lips.No smile,nothing to deny.Self-imposed surrender.Busy subway.Strange strangers.Empty space.Dumb eyes.Unanswered questions.Will I ever feel important and witty again?Crackling flesh.Hurtful stomach.Blue ink.Drenched spirit.Fleeting understanding.Wavy motion.One unwilling foot in front of the other.Dark streets.Burnt bread.Inviting sheets.Timed rest.Papers,papers,papers.Obvious ignorance.Hallow brain.Empty heart.Rebel body.I don't want to give in!Words flowing like a tiresome river.Cold shover.Damned conscience.Tired feet.Disturbingly relatable songs.Weary eyelids.My life's a mess.

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