luni, 29 octombrie 2012

Conflicting rain

I don't like waking up to the sound of piercing darkness,tired eyelids and windswept leaves.
I don't like noisy people in the morning.
I don't like being interrupted when I'm reading,especially by rude commentaries and hateful stares.
I don't like it when people pick on those who are either defenseless or unaware.
I don't like it when people basically act like annoying little cunts.
I don't like my feet getting wet and my stomach growling.
I don't like silence and solitude.
I don't like feeling like something bad is about to happen all the time.
I don't like it when I'm lazy.
I don't like fear-inducing words,crippling pauses and sad book endings.
I don't like not knowing.

I like my morning coffee,rushed preparations and passionate perfume.
I like the smell of an old book flowing through my body and imagination.
I like learning about things I never thought could be real.
I like seeing dedicated individuals.
I like the idea that someone could,hopefully and eventually,see me,love me,choose me.
I like walking down a busy street,not knowing a soul and not being recognized in return.
I like the smell of toast on the subway and a hot meal at the end of the day.
I like sleeping my troubles away.
I like reading,admiring beautiful faces and coming up with improbable (yet alluring) parallel universes.
I like being happy and bringing happiness to others.
I like knowing everything's fine.

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