luni, 1 octombrie 2012

Parks and thoughts

Almost sleepless night.Peculiar nightmares.Old memories in new clothes.A fresh start in worn out shoes.Beautiful eyes and shy smiles.A new perspective on the future.Subway tricks.Waves of people.Summer heat in autumn's debut.Spiritual and physical recovery.A gorgeous and most welcomed face from back home.Domestic affairs.Uneasy coffee skills.Restricted panorama.Still awkward silence.Bones too young to be tired.Internal "drama llama".Annoying sun.Magical books and inviting sheets.Girlish preparations.New people.Fascinating streets and serene parks.A poet's blessed dream.Noisy children and shaded architecture.History and laughs.A bench in the middle of somewhere.Fears and fountains.Elegant crowds and breathtaking sights.Anxiety mixed with utter fascination.Exhausted feet.Drained energy.Dry mouth.Almost comfy bed.Goodnight!

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