marți, 2 octombrie 2012

Familiar faces and wonky pajamas

It's OK.I'm OK now.I just needed a few days to understand how it all works.In a way,it feels like a seaside holiday:lots of doors opening and closing,familiar faces,the hustle and bustle of a space filled with young hearts and minds.I've even started to wonder:where have all the waves disappeared?
All in all,I think I can cope (though it's too soon to tell for sure).For now,I'm enjoying my "stolen" naps,pretty books,long and wondrous walks around the city(at least the parts that I know) and musical journeys.Not to mention parading around campus in my very "clown meets psychopath" pajamas and baby blue fluffy slippers (feel free to queue "Sexy and I know it",yes).
It's hard,but it's pretty.I guess this is what change really feels like.What life really feels like...Anyway,back to now and all its glory!Geronimo!

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