miercuri, 3 octombrie 2012

Streets and libraries

Dreaming about tiny,adorable,disturbing flying-moles is a weird way to start the day off.
No,I don't function without coffee.No,my pouty face does not go away with cold water.No,I do not wish to fall in love.
"Leaving early is better than arriving late"-motto.
If I see at least one pretty face a day while I'm here,then things are going to be just dandy.
How am I going to remember all these names?
It's hot like Hell and all I have is a bag full of winter clothes-do you see my problem?
Though doubts are still creeping in,I'm pretty sure I'm going to love this experience-one way or another.
A new friend and some libraries-what could you ask for more?
Food is going to be both my blessing and curse.
I'm having some massive pre-university jitters right now...Paging Dr.Xanax!Paging Dr.Xanax!
Music,prayers,the thought of home-all I need to guide me through this...

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