duminică, 7 octombrie 2012

Purple arms

I'm starting to feel like I don't belong anymore.Not here,not there,not anywhere.I feel uneasy and suddenly sad,like I'm about to give up some fleeting blessing I never owned in the first place.
Could I be any more obvious?I guess not.Then again,there's still next week.And the one after.And the one after that...I will pull through this,so help me God!
But I'm nostalgic and panicky and this autumn Sunday sun is making my hair look like it's on fire.
And I guess traveling by train isn't all that bad,especially when you have pleasant company.
Still,I will never forgive myself for bringing (yet again!) so much luggage...Look,my arms have gone all purple!The things I do for comfort and creativity...
Hello,home away from home!I'm back!You look disturbingly familiar all of a sudden...Well,better organize my mess and go to bed: another piece of the present is waiting as "the future" right around the corner...

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