sâmbătă, 6 octombrie 2012

Blanket cocoon

Run.Just run.Run away from it all.Live through other people's voices.Shield yourself with dreams and blankets.Tell your heart to stand still,stay strong,stand tall.Forget every doubt and cherish every familiar moment.Recover the time you couldn't allow yourself to notice.Count your fingers twice and relish the color blue.Revive a summer image with cold sunbeams and loving cats.Feel your body like the aching shell that it is.Cover your spirit with autumn leaves and daring hopes.Try to fix other's problems.Show kindness and mercy.Lie and say everything is OK.Keep in mind the fact that patience cannot be replaced.Value simplicity.Record your soul through wicked letters and immortal words.See yourself as an imperfect piece of art.Look into night's eyes without fear.Live through your own voice.Run away from it all.Just run.Run.

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