sâmbătă, 1 decembrie 2012

My life's tempest

I'm my own worst enemy.I conjure Hell with all my might,crying,cursing and holding God's hand in prayer throughout.Waves rise in my flesh and my mind follows in howling wind- I create myself,only to demand destruction in return.Self-destruction,that is.
Don't get me wrong,the world's not a saint's den: demons walk alongside me and the Devil dwells in each and every one of us.But,while outside curses can be fought,the ones inside are harder to cast away.It's easier to fall and become one with the ground...Insanity's like honey: deliciously tempting and stomach-wrenching when abused of.It's a tie,then: my reflected hatred mixed with the Universe's poison-what a treat...
"I'll open the door to Heaven or Hell"-I wish now not to choose the latter.Maybe because I'm home,maybe because I've had too much coffee,I don't really care-this storm won't end in shipwreck.Not today.
So I bid farewell to my dark spirits and welcome mortal angels.
I'm my best friend when circumstances favor.

"We are such stuff
As dreams are made on..."

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