luni, 23 aprilie 2012

Burlesque aberrations

"Lesson of the day:you are stupid!"-that is the indirect revelation with which I was greeted on a dull Monday morning.Not knowing whether to laugh or cry at the carelessness of its flight,this bird has struck me as being the sad reflection of an owner that resembles his mascot more than he should.Taking into consideration the hour,the date,even the young minds towards which it was directed,I'm inclined to say our sparrow poses as an eagle when,in reality,it should not.
What makes you a better human being than me?What qualifies you as more of a person than me?Why should I be stamped as one of many when I am clearly unique?And who do you think you are to be giving prophecies about the present and the future as if you were God himself?!
I'm not mean and I don't support the idea of vengeance.I'm simply disappointed.Disappointed that the ones who should broaden our minds only end up in perpetuating bitterness and resent.Discouraged by words as sharp as knives,blasted in the direction of souls that,in the end,seek only healing comfort.Ashamed of the fact that,for some,the years have passed without leaving a mark of wisdom,as rain is never remembered by the waxed skin of a car.
More or less,I have been accused of not showing my true self on demand.For,and I quote from memory,"one does not wait around to scoop your potential with a spoon".In my defense,I couldn't care less.Who I am is all I have.What lies within the skeleton of my spirit represents my being in its purest and most personal form.And I'll be damned if I ever let it be on display for someone who only wants to see it reduced to a pile of bones through whatever method may be necessary!I'd rather be a shadow,not some blinding light of frail existence.The hopes,the dreams,the concepts and the principles I cling to are mine and mine only.If I wish to share them with my peers,then so be it!But do not ask of me to parade my core as if it were a bad burlesque show in the eyes of poisonous old men!My mind is not a whore and I am willing to pay the price of my silence if it results in me keeping the cage unlocked.
My definition does not come from a piece of paper,nor does it resume to one cycle of the clock.I am not forced by man or nature to share my knowledge (of book or life) in exchange for a vapid number.My consciousness is clean because I do not compromise when it comes to the very things that manage to keep me sane.So you can talk all you want about the decline of my generation and the ones to come-I already know I'm not just a figure in a statistic.I'm here.I'm now.I am me,regardless of winds and decrepit longings.

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