duminică, 1 aprilie 2012


We laugh and talk about forbidden topics.
We think about skin and drink colourful tea.
We say stupid things and remember them for years.
We paint our nails in all the shades known to man and brush our hair with naked fingers.
We love with too much passion and hate with a bit too much compassion.
We wear our heart on our sleeve and we can fake a smile worth an Oscar.
We could ramble on for hours and never get bored.
We seek beauty in all things and rarely find it in ourselves.
We do silly things and create fragile memories.
We want everything and we want it now!
We wear flowers in our braids,red tint on our lips and questions in our eyes.
We never find serenity,not really.
We struggle between strenght and fragility.
We get easily distracted by pretty jewelery and charming compliments.
We never fully trust anybody.
We are always right-even when we aren't.
We can sometimes be the epitome of anger and selfishness.
We live in a world of our own.
We are girls and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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