sâmbătă, 14 aprilie 2012

Pajamas day

Here are 10 reasons why wearing pajamas all day long is totally awesome:
  • it reminds you of childhood and hot chocolate and unicorns and other such magical things 
  • you will become 51% more efficient while cleaning your room and 102% more prone to dancing like a circus monkey while the previous activity is still developing
  • we all have that one pair that we'd like to be buried in-that's why I strongly recommend you make the best of it now,while you're still fully aware of things!
  • the sensation is second best to being naked and less disturbing for your neighbors!
  • you are to be automatically excused from all social conventions and chores because,obviously,you're already wearing your "chillin' " outfit 
  • tears are better absorbed by long sleeves and the overall loose fitting will allow you to laugh like a wild walrus at whatever tickles your fancy
  • when friends inquire "Dude,what did you do today?",you only have to say "Man,I stayed in my pj's all day." and the "Lazy Protocol" is set into motion without further information or warning
  • seriously,does one really need a reason to wear pajamas all day long?!
  • they're comfortable,warm,secure,fluffy and never go out of fashion
  • pajamas are a gift from the gods and should be respected accordingly-and,by respect,I mean they should be stained with hot coffee,hugged and worn until they disintegrate
And that,my friends,is why I have to get out of the house more often.

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      Ada spunea...

      that is why we should never leave the house :))

      Adriana spunea...

      thank you,Mada! :*

      I totally agree with you,love! :)) >:D<