luni, 16 aprilie 2012

A long way away from home

"Home is where the heart is"-if so,then my heart is scattered all over the Universe,clinging to souls beyond beauty and bliss.
I love you when you're happy and I hate you when you're sad.That's all.
Nature never fails to frighten and inspire me.My heart trembles with joy and races with anxiety.Even so,amazement triumphs over insecurity.
I only wish I could divide my body to bond the desires of my mind with those of reality.
What is a celebration without family,food and joy?Nothing,I tell you!Nothing!
The green fields of today replace the memory of dark corners,while wedding trees flood my eyes-I am in Heaven,I am free,I am able to see the meaning of all creation in just one grain of life.
Even if a dress represents a goal,it's not worth ruining the already fragile relationship between you and yourself.
Long journeys.Music flooding the air and the smiles of all the people in the navy blue car.Sunny skies.
Everything seems easier while you're moving and nothing makes the present sink in like boxes and bags on the front steps of a house.
 I end up losing a little bit of faith and gaining a little bit of wisdom each time I make the stupid mistake of confiding in someone I care about. 
Conquering the world seems like an exquisite idea to put into practice...tomorrow.
I will never get over blue eyes.I will never deny myself the truth of my imagination.I will never regret the sensation of being charmingly exhausted.

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