sâmbătă, 28 aprilie 2012

Let's talk!

I love dreaming about beautiful people.
I hate waking up with the feeling that my shoulders are heavier than yesterday.
I love a good breakfast.
I hate the fact that I hate myself after a good breakfast.
I love taking long walks with my father and talking about random things that mean a lot to us.
I hate having led feet and tired eyes.
I love watching a show that makes me laugh and cry at the same time.
I hate that some people don't understand the fact that it is possible to become emotionally attached to fictional characters/places/things.
I love sunbathing in my own backyard.
I hate ending up with a sunburn after just one hour of relaxation in my deck chair.
I love reading books,preferably in English.
I hate the fact that I get too involved in every single story I read.
I love listening to the song that's tattooed on my left wrist.
I hate those lyrics that remind me of the time I cried my soul out on the old couch.
I love the way the moon shines through the window where my orchid watches over the other flowers.
I hate remembering there's evil in this world.
I love surrounding myself with amazing things and brilliant people.
I hate thinking about the future in terms of rules and obligations.

"It is more natural for the heart to write than to speak."

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