duminică, 22 aprilie 2012

Fear,cake and water

Fear is a bitch.Everlasting when the environment breeds black holes,fierce as a lioness in solitude-yes,fear conquers all and everything,even if the storm is only a dagger in the horizon's chest.Still,the disease takes shape:trembling body,poisoned mind,numb being.Fear is my greatest punishment.

Cake is required during any shape or form of celebration,regardless of time,tide and emotion.More than a symbol,less of a rarity,this sacred pastry king has become the universal clock of those who wish to eat away their anxiety.For time is easier to swallow when sugar-coated...Cake is sad,but equally joyous.

Water is the element towards which I am ceaselessly drawn.Floating in the sky,lurking in the ground,caressing marble statues,even binding organs-water,my water!Why are you an ocean in my bathtub?I'd hate to admit that the stars were right!Water is a marvelous addiction.

"you can only blame your problems on the world for so long"

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