miercuri, 18 aprilie 2012

Sheer insanity

I don't know what I want.
I'm lost and reckless.
I have no real motivation.
I'm scared out of my wits.
I'm insecure about everything.
I don't consider myself important.
I get easily distracted from my targets.
I'm selfish and vain.
I'm always wasting time.
I'm tired.
I'm constantly complaining.
I'm afraid of life.

I can create wonders with my mind and hands.
I take care of others and become a mother for those in need.
I constantly seek beauty in both Heaven and the gutter.
I love wholeheartedly and judge as little as possible.
I keep my problems to myself,as the burden of one should not become the curse of many.
I value empathy more than gold.
I am grateful for the wisdom that has come through years of wandering in the darkness of my own self.

All in all,I am a paradox.

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