luni, 9 aprilie 2012


All I want is to ...
...write poetry that reflects who I am and what I have become.
...drink coffee and stare at the rain.
...listen to music until my ears collapse into sweet serenity. books that change your life and blossom in your soul over the years.
...abuse my imagination to the point of a new and personal Big Bang. amazing,beautiful,interesting people and let the magic unfold.
...see the world and let it see me.
...surround myself with flowers,pretty colours and cups of aromatic tea.
...learn new things at my own pace. able to love with all my heart.
...make every day count and  each smile a picture of the truth. myself and happy at the same time.

2 comentarii:

Ada spunea...

this I want too. all of this.

Adriana spunea...

let's make it happen :*